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Practice Love

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

During a recent Akashic Record reading, someone asked a question about the purpose of their current romantic relationship. When I asked the records, the answer was "to practice love." Knowing this particular client as I do, I checked again for more details related to this specific partner, and the answer just delighted me.

When I asked, what about this specific partner, the response from the records was, "Oh, you humans, you are so attached to your personalities." This made me smile as it rang so true for me and so many that I know. The answer went on to explain that we are all one and when we practice loving one of us, we practice loving all of us.

We tend to get lost in the specific configuration of this personality in this lifetime. A personality is a lot to manage so it's understandable that this happens. But when we can zoom out and focus on our Oneness, we can connect to love anywhere and everywhere.

Imagine a camera lens that is zoomed all the way in on the trunk of a tree (personality). Then zoom out and see the circle of trees (souls). Zoom out again and see the forest (monad). And one more big zoom, a really big zoom, to see the Earth (Oneness/Divine/Creator).

Whether you are sending love to the tree, the circle of trees, the forest, or the earth, you are sending love to all at once. So practice love. Practice love with personalities you know and ones that you don't know. Practice love when it is easy and when it is hard. Practice love where ever you go, and you may find that love comes back to you tenfold because when you love others you love yourself, you love the Oneness.

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