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The Planet of Good Fortune is Moving into the Sign of Security and Comfort

On May 16th, Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, moves into Taurus, the sign of security and comfort. It will stay in this sign until May of next year. Some astrologers consider this one of the luckiest aspects in astrology.

Jupiter, which is the largest planet in our solar system, is said to expand whatever it touches. It is the planet of good fortune, optimism, opportunity, and enthusiasm in addition to expansion. It changes signs about once a year and this month it is moving into Taurus. First let’s explore the themes of Taurus and then let’s look at how we can align with this energy to maximize this beneficial transit.

Taurus signals that we are in the middle of Spring. It deepens the new growth and we start to see the physical embodiment of spring. More specifically, Taurus is about the embodiment of our relationship with our body, our sensuality, our connection to earth, our personal resources and values, our physical and emotional comfort, and our possessions. Taurus is tangible, secure, reliable, and supportive.

When we put these two together, a picture begins to emerge of how we can align with these energies to support being our best selves. The good fortune and expansion of Jupiter supports us in creating a more comfortable experience if we focus on self care. Begin to ask yourself what you can do to care for your body, one of your most important resources. Allow yourself to dive into your sensual nature and increase your comfort both physically and emotionally. Spend time honing your talents and focusing on your values. Make space for spending time in nature with the intention of expanding your relationship with the earth and your senses.

By getting back to the basics of our tangible experience here on earth, we have the opportunity to reset our foundation. Now is the time to set goals around what feeds the seeds we plant in our lives. The energy of Jupiter will expand these seeds so that we see the manifestations of our Taurus like goals. The big payoff is here with Jupiter as long as we do our job of focusing on what tangible results we want to manifest over the next year.

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