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About Us.

Unlock deeper healing

Empty yourself so you can become whole. That's the idea behind Dream Tree Healing. Clear out the internal noise and old programming and connect to your own inner healing resources. Create the space for Divine Energy to reside within. Connect to healing and teaching that bring peace, calm, and flow into your life. Connect to yourself. Develop your own way and walk the path of healing yourself. ​


Our Story

Teresa started her private practice in 2007 and named it St. Louis Counseling and Wellness (STLCW). It was a dream come true to use the methods and tools she had learned to help others heal. Teresa noticed that her clients would get to a certain point with the outcome-based methods and then hit a healing wall so to speak. This prompted her to look outside the conventional methods to find ways to help her clients connect to sustained healing. When Teresa found Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy (HCH), things began to change. Clients started getting over the healing wall they had been hitting. They were moving faster through their healing process by going to the core of the problem. 

There was something else at play with HCH. Teresa soon realized that there were spiritual resources supporting the work and that’s what took it to the next level. The healing deepened; the progress quickened. HCH then led to learning about Subtle Energy and doing soul retrievals, past life clearings, healing heart seed fears, releasing elementals, and more. Teresa has continued to study these methods and has added other methods. She calls in the spiritual connections of her clients as well as her own. It is with this support that the healing deepens. 

While Teresa honors the place of conventional therapy, she has heeded her calling and has expanded into teaching and session work focused on the spiritual components of healing. The conventional models and research will get woven in, but there is so much more support for full healing now. This led Teresa to branch out and grow another limb to her business, Dream Tree Healing. (Yes, pun intended. We still need to have fun and bring in lightness even when we are doing the heavy lifting of healing.) The contracted therapists Teresa supervises still work under the umbrella of STLCW using outcome-based methods and accepting insurance, but Teresa’s focus has shifted to sessions that are not really within the insurance-based models. 

Teresa continues to learn, grow, expand, and now does spiritual coaching and subtle energy sessions along with other woo woo work. We hope you join us on this journey of healing and expansion, this journey to bring more Light into the world. As Teresa has been taught, when one of us heals, all of us heal. Doing her own healing work Teresa has seen this in action. She now invites you to deepen your healing by connecting to the divine resources within you.

Our Story

Meet The Team

Teresa Kleffner

Founder - Healing Coach

Teresa holds a Masters Degree in Social Work (MSW), is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Teresa used to work with more conventional models of healing

Jacob Reel

Experience Designer

Jacob is the lead Experience Designer at Dream Tree Healing. His responsibilities include website management, content creation, social media management, and email marketing.

Sid Ames

Administrative Assistant

Sid handles scheduling, client support, and website maintenance for Dream Tree Healing.

Terrie Nichols

Office Manager

Terrie is our lead Office Administrator and keeps us grounded by managing all things money and client relations.

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