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Ann Marie Schreiber
Sep 16, 2022
In General Discussion
Hello and Welcome back new and returning EMIDERS! so good to see new and familiar faces! After our first class last night I wanted to go back and review some of the tools we had learned in earlier sessions. I wanted to let all of you know that it is in a different section....Go to Resources ....then go to EMID level () then go to the class session. For example, i wanted to review the Chakra and totem meditation that Teresa did for us, and it was in EMID level 2, session 8. Thought this would be useful to tell other folks how I found the tool i was looking for! @Teresa K will there be a new forum...discussion area for this EMID session? Or will we just comment and post in the last one? Thanks again so excited to be on this journey with such lovely souls! Ann Marie

Ann Marie Schreiber

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