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Why the name change?

We had been calling ourselves Wu Chi Wellness. Wu meaning Divine and Chi meaning energy. One day, I realized that Wu Chi is not my language and not from my culture which makes it cultural appropriation. While I still love the idea of divine energy and working with that energy to help heal, that language is not mine to use. It was time to start thinking about my origins and find a new name.


My nickname growing up and my Girl Scout name when I was a leader was Tree. Back in the late 2000's when I was working in corporate America, I made an email account with the handle DreamTree to remind myself to dream, to not get stuck on a path that wasn’t meant for me. I wanted to focus on dreaming about what I wanted, a private practice where I could help people connect with their healing. What unfolded was a private practice that evolved from conventional healing methods to using trance to drop into the healing, and trance is so much like a dream.

The tree is such a wonderful metaphor for how the healing happens, going deep into our roots but then also reaching for the Light. We have to work with the lower aspects, the first three chakras, the parts of us that are about survival, appetites, personal power, and worth, so we can get to a place of connection with love, speak our truth with integrity, envision our future, and connect not only to the Divine but also to the oneness that we all are. Putting the dream and the tree together helps strengthen our connection to healing. And so Dream Tree Healing was born.

-Teresa Kleffner

founder & healing coach

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