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Chakras: All

Stones: Chrysocolla, Rainbow Fluorite


Chrysocolla is an empowering stone that helps us speak our inner wisdom. Fluorite is often called a psychic vacuum cleaner as it assists with purification and balancing mental energies. The combination supports clearing our energy and aligning to inner and Divine wisdom.


~Release: stress, anxiety, confusion, illusion

~Increase: energy, vitality, intellectual ability, calm, balance, harmony, peace 


Size: Medium | 7.75 inches




Small ~ fits 6.5 inches = small woman's wrist.

Medium~ fits 7 inches = average woman's wrist.

Large ~ fits 8 inches = average man's wrist or woman with large wrist.

Extra Large L ~ fits 9 inches = for man with large wrist.

Purification and Harmony

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